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  1. reverse proxy

    Supporting a reverse proxy setup or providing guidance on how to set up a reverse proxy for the K1000 would be very beneficial for added security. The setup would be something like this:

    K1000 appliance on the internal network behind a firewall
    A reverse proxy on the DMZ (e.g. IIS 8 with ARR)

    Currently trying to set this up is a huge headache and I'm running into all sorts of issues and problems. It would be better from a security standpoint if the K1000 sat behind a reverse proxy.

    A specific use case would be when an organization has an…

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    We have targetted the KACE Systems Management Appliance (SMA) to be able to run in the DMZ in two phases. In SMA 11.0, you will use a new, KACE designated port to perform all communications through the KACE secure Konea tunnel. In SMA 11.1, you will be allowed to choose your own port.

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