1. Ticket Response Templates should also prefill Category, Status

  2. Please make 6.0 interface more responsive. Very slow many bugs. when will this be addressed.  ·  declined

  3. Only include new comments in email responses.  ·  completed

  4. New E-mail Template for Tickets whose status is "Waiting for Response"  ·  declined

  5. Have a way to change the color or bold the fonts of the owners response  ·  completed

  6. SDA data visibility outside of appliance

  7. Service Desk - Allow adding fields from data assets  ·  declined

  8. enhancement - encryption of inbound and outbound data thru ticketing system

  9. Allow for prompting of data  ·  declined

  10. Allow Ticket Rules to insert SQL Variables ($variable) in Append Comment To Ticket the same way as E-mail query results works

  11. Monitor, Control and Manage the User Data Usage.  ·  under review

  12. MDM should have the ability to limit data usage criteria over LTE for certain apps as defined in policy..  ·  under review

  13. Add a data type to asset types to query the dell warranty database (for ANY Dell hardware)  ·  declined

  14. Asset API Access Edit/Update/create  ·  declined

  15. We would like to be able to transfer computer data from one Kace Appliance to another for combining  ·  declined

  16. Please have a feature to customize the default asset fields. For e.g, renaming "Location" to "Data Center"  ·  declined

  17. Ability to import existing data into new KACE fields

  18. Allow reports to copy data over when changing the topic

  19. View and edit Asset Records  ·  completed

  20. On certain networks KBOX may be subjected to security scans and requirements. Quicker responses to updates for the underlying KBOX systems

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