1. Asset management needs to display more than 6 columns of data. We currently have need for 9-10 columns to list everything on the screen.  ·  completed

  2. Add filter box to custom ticket fields.  ·  declined

  3. Ability to automatically log tickets from other data source other than email  ·  declined

  4. add a run now option for managed installations  ·  completed

  5. Battery reporting  ·  declined

  6. Responsive Website and Dynamic Loading  ·  under review

  7. Software based smart labels that allow filtering on machine data and machine labels  ·  declined

  8. Mac adress of WLAN searchable  ·  declined

  9. ">" have affect on comments. I'm not able to paste all of my code. It will usually stop after a ">"  ·  completed

  10. Improve documentation of Service Desk API Reference

  11. Better customization for Dashboards

  12. Wizards for creating AD Labels  ·  declined

  13. Exclude based on label  ·  under review

  14. Be able to build sripts based on the kbox data to be run by kbox or a system(s) you choose.  ·  declined

  15. Allow to test smart label on edit, and to add more criteria fields from the GUI. (as opp. to mySQL)  ·  completed

  16. CPU Uptime Data

  17. Add 'Required AND Out-of-Band reboot' as a reboot status in Patch Detail

  18. Automatic Naming of Computer from K1000  ·  planned

  19. AMP Connection Traffic is Uncompressed  ·  completed

  20. Add Ticket 'Created By' field to the ticket database to allow reporting without having to use using SQL

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