1. Allow write access to k1000 database

  2. Scripting Engine - Define custom variables in Kscripts  ·  declined

  3. Ticket list: increase page surface dedicated to ticket table

  4. For the Asset Management Section, save/create fields that are pulling information from "Device"

  5. Ticket creation via email MYSQL Select Modification  ·  declined

  6. Change the text at the top of the KACE Desktop Alert  ·  declined

  7. Mount System Images as a Virtual Disk (VHD) for Editing

  8. Limit Deployment To Listed Machines Manual entry

  9. Make customers using multiple Organizations aware of defect "id K1-19980" in version 9.0.270 so we can better utilize our system.

  10. We are currently using Lotus Notes. Our mobile devices are all IOS Devices. When a user emails our K1000 hel  ·  declined

  11. Automatically split multiple license entry into individual licenses

  12. required on close label needed  ·  declined

  13. Change icon in Computer Inventory to show user status  ·  declined

  14. Allow scheduling icon to appear even if LDAP login/password are not provided

  15. We need a reference guide detailing the value formats for criteria used in making smart labels.  ·  declined

  16. Option to not auto-select all profiles for migration on manual deployments and ability to auto-cleanup scanstates on server after X days.  ·  under review

  17. Consolidate Activity Feed  ·  under review

  18. Auto PXE boot devices  ·  under review

  19. Add Errors to Asset Import Failures

  20. Better Agent logging granularity  ·  declined

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