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  1. Allow Ticket Rules to insert SQL Variables ($variable) in Append Comment To Ticket the same way as E-mail query results works

  2. Pull Ticket Time Zone Data from Browser  ·  declined

  3. Granular Replication (Only Replicate Subsets of data)  ·  under review

  4. Allow reports to copy data over when changing the topic

  5. more custom data fields in user import  ·  under review

  6. Retain scripting logs data for 7-30 days

  7. Ability to automatically log tickets from other data source other than email  ·  declined

  8. On certain networks KBOX may be subjected to security scans and requirements. Quicker responses to updates for the underlying KBOX systems

  9. SLTrace file data extraction and analysis (AKA:ChkSLTrace.hta)  ·  under review

  10. OverdueClose in hours i need because my response time is in hours no days  ·  declined

  11. All ORGs can see and select all data across orgs  ·  declined

  12. Software based smart labels that allow filtering on machine data and machine labels  ·  declined

  13. MDM should have the ability to limit data usage criteria over LTE for certain apps as defined in policy..  ·  under review

  14. We would like to be able to transfer computer data from one Kace Appliance to another for combining  ·  declined

  15. Please have a feature to customize the default asset fields. For e.g, renaming "Location" to "Data Center"  ·  declined

  16. Be able to build sripts based on the kbox data to be run by kbox or a system(s) you choose.  ·  declined

  17. Asset management needs to display more than 6 columns of data. We currently have need for 9-10 columns to list everything on the screen.  ·  completed

  18. Allow custom SQL notifications to display more (or less) than the 4 default columns  ·  declined

  19. Add filter box to custom ticket fields.  ·  declined

  20. Battery reporting  ·  declined

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